I’ve often heard (and seen, unfortunately) of people leaving their dogs unattended on a hot day.  Even on days when the temperatures are as low as 60 degrees, if it’s bright and sunny – that car’s temperatures even with the windows cracked can reach unsafe temperatures.  Cars can often reach the high 90’s in the shade and even up into the 160’s on even hotter days when parked in direct sunlight. You could of course roll your windows all the way down – but then your pet could escape, and even with a window rolled all the way down that doesn’t guarantee that the car won’t reach unsafe temperatures.

Leaving the AC on and the car running isn’t always an option either – if you’re gone for a few minutes sure (I’m talking about 5, but do you really think you’ll only be gone that long?).  However if you know you’re going to be gone for longer then five minutes or so, just don’t bring the dog.  The cars engine can overheat while running idle thus causing the compressor to shut down the AC and blow hot air from the engine in order to cool things off (for the engine’s sake, not yours).

Remember that dogs don’t sweat like us – the only options they have to cool themselves down is to pant and to sweat through their paws.   They can very quickly collapse from breathing in too much hot air and suffer brain damage, die from heatstroke, or suffer damage to internal organs.

I love to have my dogs with me just as much as anyone else does – but if it’s too warm for me, it’s way to warm for them.

Here are a few links below to help with beating the heat with your furry friend;

List of states that DO have laws against leaving dogs in cars – why they don’t all have these, I don’t know.  But keep in mind that even if your state doesn’t have that law, doesn’t mean you can’t be fined, or taken to court over animal cruelty charges.

Tips to beat the heat with your furry buddy.

A post describing the symptoms of heatstroke and overheating, as well as how to help your furry friend when and if this ever happens.