This week we celebrate not only the efforts of volunteers in this field, are also more mindful and reminded of how our animal friends can be treated by those of less morals, we look towards places where we can make a difference.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is one of the dedicated organizations for the sole purpose of fighting for animal rights.  From taking up the hard hitters like puppy mills, to having people sign the animal bill of rights, they are a force to be reckoned with when dealing with animal issues.

There are many organizations out there that fight for animal rights, and many places one can go to in order to make a difference.  Join your local protest group for being against Puppy Mills and Pet Stores that sell them.  Sign a petition at to start a movement, or start a petition yourself.  Align yourself with the Unchain Dogs coalition.

In short, we can all help in small or even big ways to bring our animal friends to a safer, more loving place in the world.