We all know how important it is to walk our dogs.  Whether it’s stimulation in the form of a structured walk, or just a sniffing good time strolling down the street, the exercise and bonding that comes from such an activity can never be underestimated.

We all know how beneficial it is for us to walk, and while you take your pet out to relieve themselves, you may have overlooked the benefits of walking them as well.

Walking your dog on a regular basis, as well as other forms of exercise can help relieve any of your pets destructive behaviors, like chewing, digging or scratching.  Pets need regular stimulation to relieve their boredom of being stuck in the house all day.  If you are not giving them proper stimulation in either the form of a walk, play, running or brain games, you may not like what they chose to do.

If you can’t take your dog for regular walks but feel they need them, hire a professional dog walker or trainer.  Someone bonded and insured in your area that’s familiar with your dog’s breed and the necessary steps to exercise them properly.  Always ask plenty of questions in hiring a dog walker or trainer. If they hesitate or refuse, or if you don’t feel comfortable with how they handle your dog, don’t hesitate to look elsewhere.