We all know that pets love to eat strange things, especially puppies! Remember that animals at a young age explore the world with their noses, ears and mouths – eye sight to them is a last resort, unless of course you have a sight hound!

Eating grass for any animal is normal – its only when they gorge on grass or seem to be doing it on a very regular basis that there may be some basis for concern. There are many out there that would tell you that dogs are omnivores, and then there are some that would say they are carnivores. The debate rages huge even to this day.

Never the less, dogs unlike cats, love to trash dive, eat out of cat boxes and eat all manner of things off of the ground that smells tasty. One would think and hope that Veterinarians have figured out why they eat grass! Does it taste good? If it does, why do they throw it back up? Or why does it come out the other end the same way it went in?

Only dogs and higher powers seem to know the answer to that one! So here, is a list of what plants and foods you should be careful with when animals go on that craving binge for greens or any other manner of food like material.

Poisonous Foods & Beverages

Alcohol, Avacado, Chocolate, Coffee, Tea, Garlic (in large amounts), Macadamia Nuts, , Onions, Potato Leaves and Stems, Raisins/Grapes, Tomato Leaves and Stems

Poisonous Plants

Almond (seeds)
American Bittersweet (roots, leaves, berries)
Apple (seeds in large amounts)
Apricot (seeds)
Autumn Crocus (all parts)
Avacado (leaves)
Azalea (all parts)

Bird of Paradise (fruit, seeds)
Black-eyed Susan (all parts)
Bleeding Heart (leaves, roots)
Boston Ivy (all parts)
Buttercup (all parts)

Caladium (all parts)
Castor Bean (seeds, leaves)
Chinaberry (berries, fruit, bark)
Chokecherry (bark, leaves, seeds)
Christmas Rose (leaves, roots, sap)

Daffodil (all parts)
Diffenbachia (all parts)

English Holly (berries)

Foxglove (seeds, flowers, leaves)

Glacier Ivy (leaves, berries)
Golden Chain (flowers, seeds, pods)

Hemlock (seeds, stems, taproot)
Hyacinth (flowers, bulbs, leaves)
Hydrangea (leaves, buds)

Iris (roots)

Jack-in-the-pulpit (all)
Jerusalem Cherry (all parts)
Jimson Weed (all)
Jonquil (all)

Larkspur (all)
Lily of the Valley (all)

Mistletoe (berries)
Morning Glory (seeds)
Mountain Laurel (all)

Narcissus (all)
Nephthytis (all)
Nightshade (all, this includes the leaves and stems of tomatoes)

Oak (acorns, foliage)
Oleander (all)

Philodendren (all)
Poinsetta (leaves, flowers)
Pothos (all)
Privet (berries, leaves)

Red Sage (green berries)
Rhododendron (all)
Rhubarb (leaves)
Rosary Pea (seeds)

Sweet Pea (seeds, pods)

Tobacco (leaves)
Tulip (bulb)

Wild Black Cherry (leaves, seeds)
Wisteria (seeds, pods)

Umbrella Plant (all)

Yellow Jasmine (all)

Yew (all)